Dew Point Meter DS1000

Model DS1000 - Single Channel Analyser

  • Low Cost
  • Rapid Response
  • Accuracy ±2ºC Dewpoint
  • Panel Mounting 1/8 Din Size
  • IP65 Rated Front Panel
  • Digital Indication In ºC or ºF
  • Isolated 4-20mA Output
  • Fully Interchangeable Sensors
  • Range -80ºC to +20ºC Dewpoint
  • User Friendly - Simple Operation
  • High Resolution Measurement Circuitry
  • Two Alarms (View / Adjust Setpoints From Front Panel)
  • Calibration Traceable To National & International Standards
The Model DS1000 utilises proven sensor technology combined with the latest microprocessor based electronics, which has resulted in an analyser which allows the user to quickly and easily determine the dewpoint / moisture content in gases and dry compressed air.

Model DS1000 is a single channel on-line analyser which is primarily designed to monitor the dewpoint and / or control the regeneration cycle of industrial desiccant dryers.

The panel mounting Model DS1000 analyser is 1/8 Din in size, has an IP65 rated front panel and weighs just 350 grams.

Accuracy of ±2ºC dewpoint is guaranteed over the working range of the sensor, -80ºC to +20ºC dewpoint, and each unit is supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to the National Physical Laboratory. Standard features include two alarm contacts, isolated 4-20mA retransmission signal, optional RS232 output and 90-240V universal input.

(For full details please request specification sheet Model DS1000)


Single Channel Dew Point Analysers

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