Model 100 Series - Dewpoint Meter

  • Various Ranges: Overall Range -110ºC to +20ºC Dewpoint
  • Digital Indication in ºC or ºF Dewpoint (Model 100D)
  • Analogue Indication in ºC or ºF Dewpoint and ppm(v) (Model100A)
  • Guaranteed Accuracy ±2ºC Dewpoint
  • Power Supply 100/120 or 200/240V AC and 24V DC
  • Two Fully Adjustable Alarm Relays
  • 0-20mA or 4-20mA or 0-100mV Optically Isolated Re-transmission Signal
  • CENELEC Certified (With IS Barrier)
  • Cable Length up to 1000m Between Analyser and Sensor
  • Fully Interchangeable Sensors
  • Supplied with Calibration Certificate Traceable to National & International Humidity Standards
Alpha Moisture Systems' Model 100 series dewpoint meters are robust instruments for applications where simplicity and accuracy are paramount. The model 100A indicates moisture via a clear analogue display whereas the model 100D offers indication of dewpoint on a back-lit digital LCD.

(For full details please request specification sheet Model 100A/D)

Single Channel Analysers

G2 | 100A/100D | 200A/200D | 300A/300D | DS1000| DS2000

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