Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

Model CMH-P Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

Finally, a portable Dew Point hygrometer that integrates the accuracy and reliability of chilled mirror technology, with the battery life and ruggedness required for field use.

Introducing the Model CMH-P portable chilled mirror hygrometer. This device incorporates all of the standard chilled mirror features that you've become accustomed to, such as drift-free NIST/NPL traceable accuracy, low maintenance, high durability and ease of use, in a system that is ideally suited for the demands of field use. Whether you use the Model CMH-P as a field transfer standard, or as a spot check instrument, you'll find this system trouble-free to operate.

  • Primary Measurement technique. Traceable to NPL/NIST.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Easy to read, LED display
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Easily transportable in hard protective case
  • Wide measurement range (-75°C to +75°C)
  • Self balancing

The Model CMH-P is a self contained system; not only is there no field assembly required, there's no need to carry around a myriad of individual components such as control boxes, sensors, cables, pumps, and power cords. Simply attach the sample line, adjust the flow (with the integral flow meter) and turn on the power. Within minutes you'll be collecting field dew point data with the same chilled mirror accuracy of a laboratory standard hygrometer. And with a nominal battery life of 12 hours, you will be able to collect data for the entire shift, or spot check your processes for several days.

If you are looking for accurate, flexible, easy to use portable chilled mirror dew point measurement. Or, if you are tired of carrying around additional equipment, to make your process dew point monitor portable, contact Alpha Moisture Systems.

(See also our counter top Chilled Mirror Dewpoint Hygrometer CMH-RPC)


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