Model CMH-RPC Chilled Mirror Hygrometer utilises a 3-stage Peltier cooler combined with an integral refrigeration unit to measure the water dewpoint (Td) in gases from below -90ºC to +20ºC (-130ºF to +68ºF)

This primary measurement technique makes Model CMH-RPC the ideal instrument for laboratory, scientific and research applications, being especially suited as a reference instrument for checking and calibration of process and portable hygrometers.

The Automatic Balance Control, which automatically re-standardises the instrument and compensates for most mirror contaminants can be initiated manually, or programmed for timed automatic initiation to extend unattended operation time.

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Product Power Source
Model CMH-RPC Chilled Mirror Hygrometer 110V-230 VAC, 50/60Hz
Portable Chilled Mirror Analyzer Battery/Cell Operated

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